Matt Hardy Shoot Interview DVD
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Matt Hardy Shoot Interview DVD

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Autographed Matt Hardy Shoot Interview DVD.

"There is no one in wrestling today with this story.

A man, loved by fans, cheated on by his girlfriend with one of his best friends, and then fired by the company, only to be brought back shortly after in a flurry of controversy.

Stories like this dont happen every day. Wrestlers like this dont happen everyday.
However, before he came back to the WWE Matt Hardy took some time to sit down at the RF VIDEO studios to give what should be one of his final shoot interviews (this year). Finally, the last time to see Matt really shoot.

Matt Hardy, the talk of the wrestling world for the past several months, sat down with RF VIDEO for a scorching hot four hour shoot interview that covered his entire career including the entire situation with Edge and Lita! From tales of the past: OMEGA, indys, RVD & Sabu, Scott Hall, doing jobs, Michael Hayes, and Gangrel, to tales of becoming a then-WWF superstar: Ladder matches, Edge & Christian, Dudleys, Bradshaw, Lita, the feud with Triple H & Stone Cold Steve Austin, InVasion, Version 1, and A-Train. The Sensei of Mattitude talked about the WCW InVasion and its destructive effects on so many of WWEs talent. Matt doesnt hold back when discussing Triple Hs influence on Raw while also giving his thoughts on the ECW One Night Stand PPV and his brother Jeff in TNA. For the last time, Matt Hardy shoots about the romantic triangle, straight out of the dirt sheets onto TV. Now hear Matt speak on this candidly to the shoot interview leaders, RFVIDEO.

Below is the list of Questions that Matt was asked, and RF VIDEO brought up the following:
The firing: Life after WWE, Johnny Ace, Jim Ross, Vince
The business: Wrestlemania, dream matches, Hunter, steroids, writers, favorite and least favorite gusy to work with, ribs, road stories, the internet

The future: Angelic Diablo, WWE, TNA, The Indys, working with Edge and Lita*?), fitting back into the locker-room, WWE-Cruiserweights, the wedding, regrets, reality show and more!"